Thursday, 13 September 2007

The Bitch Is Back

Hello to my loyal readers (all three of you).

Yes, I know it has been a while, but 'things' have been going on. However, I promise to re-start the Gillie-Blog properly VERY soon - Jack .... no need to panic, I am still alive!

What fun this week:- fab lunch with great friends :- sad (but eventual peaceful) death of K's godmother and millions of phone calls (the whole of Ireland) arranging funeral and 'things' for next week. At least I had the week before we went on holiday with her and that means a lot. I even got the boy (K) to come to see her - not quite sure who was whiter, him or her, he's paranoid about hospitals!

Hols in Slovenia - great, although range of temperature could haver been better (30 C /9C) Never seen snow before at this time of year! However, didn't stop us doing all we wanted.

Decorating going well - no longer do I have a bright red hallway and lime green study!

I have my official 'leaving work' lunch today so better do a bit of ironing so I am respectable - out of work casuals might not go down too well in Kensington!