Sunday, 6 May 2007

Hello folks, I'm back

After a lovely week away in Menorca - what a pretty island - I'm back the colour of a well grillled lobster, the owner of 'a few' Spanish sandals and ready to face the world again. Or am I ....? Arrived back to Solicitor's letter with three A4 pages of queries - and that's just for our sale, not our purchase - hey ho, let's look forward to the nervous breakdown!

As we are a shared freehold we have a Company Secretary (just about to leave for a new job in the US) and a Director (me)just about to move out. Now, over the last few year things have gone fairly smoothly, BUT, in this lovely old Victorian terrace house there are ten flats and, gradually over these years, the owners have moved out and let out the flats ....... therefore no-one willing to take over the management - just another little problem to sort out!

But the sun is shining, the laundry's all finished, and the computer printer has just blown up.

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